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I am so excited to share this with you. On the edge of my hometown Middelburg, in Mpumalanga, we have Cabbage & Rose Country Venue. I interviewed the power team behind this gorgeous new wedding venue….


Cabbage-&-Rose-002*Tell us a little bit about yourself and what/ who inspired you to open a wedding venue?

Wow.. Thanks Yolané for taking the time to review our passion. I’m Michelle Erichsen and I’ve been living on a farm with my husband Oluf, for 12 years. We love the outdoors and being in the country out on a farm.. (We ourselves got married on our old farm in 2005). Then already I had known, that this was what I wanted to do SOMEDAY!! And then that day came when I met Frieda Nel (partner and caterer at Cabbage and Rose Country venue) and it was clear… We had to do this!!

Cabbage-&-Rose-Wedding-Fair-6307Cabbage-&-Rose-8*What do you love most about your job/ what’s your favourite part of your job?

Michelle : It’s a privilege to work for myself.. and have time to be creative. I love flowers, their fragrance, colours and unique forms. Nature makes beautiful creations. Most of all I love to work from home and be with my family 24/7.

Frieda: Living my passion in catering for guests and then when people are complimenting you on the food. It’s good when a plan comes together, and all the trouble you went through was worth it.


*How do you help wedding couples customise their big day?
I meet with the couple 3 times before their big day.. That gives me time to understand what they envision and to understand their picture of their special day. I love being different and would propose unique ideas to add to theirs, that will give their wedding that Cabbage and Rose signature.. A cozy country-living, romantic look.


*Do you have any advice for couples looking for other suppliers or venues for their wedding day?
Take your three favourite things and work off that… Then you’ll know you are true to yourself. It could be
1. Your Favourite color.
2. Your Favourite flower.
3. Your favourite piece in your home. –vase, photo frame, an antique your grandmother gave you.
4. Even your favourite dress could be inspirational.
You will then know when you walk into a venue, or space that this will work with your favourite things, your style and ideas.


*Do you target any particular niche?
No, but the venue lends itself to be country style… Couples who are attracted to nature and country living will feel right at home. Then also people how would like to marry out of the city away from their busy lives!
Cabbage-&-Rose-Wedding-Fair-6277Cabbage-&-Rose-7*What makes your venue unique to others?
Our venue is on the urban edge at Glen Cullen Country Estate, 3km from Middelburg in Mpumalanga. The venue itself is unique as it’s a 30m by 18m garden house (closed roof but open on the sides to enjoy nature). I love Europe and their glass houses (conservatories), and drew lots of inspiration from all our travels overseas. Soon our glass chapel will be finished.. Can’t wait!!!

Cabbage-&-Rose-Wedding-Fair-6333Cabbage-and-Rose-1*What is your venue’s capacity?

Cabbage and Rose Country Venue can cater comfortably for up to 140 guests, but we like/or prefer 80-120 guests as this makes it special and unique.

Cabbage-&-Rose-Wedding-Fair-6315Cabbage-&-Rose-5*What do you think should be the most important questions that the bridal couple should ask themselves when searching for their perfect venue?
What is your budget for the special day, and do you feel 100% comfortable at the venue and with the team you are going to work with? I would say, always follow your heart, you’ll know then that you’ve made the right decision.


*What makes your services different from the rest?
We are a team of two and we work personally with the bridal couples. We do not have set guidelines as we want each couple to bring their individual ideas!!… And we strive for perfection. M*





  • March 25, 2018 - 4:09 pm

    Hanlie Wessels - Please can you help me with more info regarding a wedding.
    What is your rates more or less …120 to 150 guests.
    N boho chic wedding


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